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How to write a formal email for job application?

How to write a formal email for job application?

How to write a formal email for job application? That’s the first thing which bothers each one of us while we are applying for a job. Isn’t it? There are many things which disturb you: Is it the right way? Should I skip this part? Or worse, how do I start writing it?

If these are your concerns, read on!

The process is extremely simple. Just take care of the following things:

  1. How did you learn about the company?
  2. Which position are you applying for?
  3. Have you read the job description carefully?
  4. Does your candidature meet the job description?
  5. Do you have your resume ready with you?
How to write a job application email
Learn what goes where!

When you the answers to all these questions, you are all set to writing your job application email. Before that here are some pre-requisites:

  1. Create a proper job search email account.

    Simply don’t use your email address which you created in your 7th grade, for example, You need a proper email address which sounds professional, preferably starting with your name: If that’s not available try some decent variations but no extravaganza here.

  2. No work account.

    Make sure you are not applying for a job application using your current employer’s email address.

  3. Certain email writing etiquettes.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind before setting up to write an email.

    Write like a business letter. Follow an official letter-writing format which includes: Receiver’s address, crisp subject line, precise content copy, ending with an actionable note, including a signature.

    Identify the target email address. Make sure you are not sending email to the generic email address. Find the HR’s email address if not given in the job listing. Else, you can connect the company over the phone and request for HR or recruiting head’s email address from the office executive.

    No mumbo-jumbo in the subject line. The subject line should be precise. For example:
    Job Application | <Applying for – Designation/Position>

    <Position> | Application for Job | Company Name

    Or use the ‘subject line’ which is mentioned in the job description. Often companies share the subject line to filter job application from a string of emails that they receive daily.

    Keep your email content precise. Your content should include the following:

    1. How did you get to know about the job? – Mention how you learnt about the job listing. Clearly, state the source and then continue the thread.
    2. Introduction – Who you are? Where have you worked? How long have you been working in the capacity of the position you are applying for?
    3. Relevant experience – Make sure that you do not forget to mention relevant experience.
    4. Mention your key achievements – It’s quintessential to help your recruitment know that you have excelled in the job role you are applying for if you are an experienced. But even if you are a fresher, you should demonstrate relevant skills.
    5. Clearly, state your expectations – Your current CTC and expected CTC should be clearly mentioned, if you are an experienced professional. Else you may choose to keep it safe and end on a promising note: Expecting a competitive remuneration. Hoping to learn from you soon.
    6. Include your signature. Add your signature in the end with your contact details. Make sure that the contact number if you have added is operational and a person can connect with you over it.
How to write a job application email
Email Structure

Sample Email Text:


Subject line: Application for the post of <XYZ>

Email Content: 

Dear Sir or Madam: 

Greetings of the day!


This is with reference to the job listing you floated on <XYZ platform>.






 Thanking you in anticipation. Should you have any queries or need further clarifications, please contact the undersigned.

Thanks & regards,

<Your Name>

<Phone Number>

Now, you are all set to write an email for job application which gets noticed.

Have any queries, comment below.


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