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What to know about a company for an interview?

What to know about a company for an interview?

You might have heard this for a dozen times now, but let me reiterate here that it has become very difficult to get an interview call nowadays. After months of applying to numerous job opportunities, only a few of those really return with a call. You don’t want to take a risk, convert every last one of them and be done with it. You have dressed neatly. All the documents are in place and you have every answer in your arsenal to those typical interview questions. But, most of the candidates have confusion over what to know about a company for an interview.

Scores of interviewers across the oil and gas industry believe that before showing up in an interview, a candidate must know certain things. Let us explore in detail some of the must-know points to land the job that you seek!

About the Company

The confusion starts here. There is so much information about any company that you miss out on the important ones. To filter through the undesired information is a time-consuming task. An innovative approach to this problem is setting up basic information criteria for any normal organization. That could be the type of organization, its domain, its footprint, target audience and unique facts about it. Once you are through with the basics, you will sense the urge to know more about the firm and the confidence to read further.

Products and Services

This goes without saying. One of the must-knows are the products and services offered by the company. This is in total coherence with what you will say in the interview that will impress the panel. When you know about the offerings of an organization, then only can you understand the ways to market it and the challenges that arise. This is true even for someone in the manufacturing division. Whatever a company manufactures does it for the sole purpose of generating revenues out of it. If you don’t know what the requirement in the market is, you cannot manufacture the product on that basis. This requires knowing the products and services inside out. You should have an idea about the strengths and the weaknesses of the products. This adds greatly to your impression on the interviewer.

Well versed with Job Description

The renowned agency,, which posts job opportunities online, believes that any candidate should be well-versed with the job description. The job description dictates the roles and responsibilities that come with the position you are applying for. Often, job seekers pay no heed to the job description floated by companies along with the offer. In a dear desperation to land a job, they flatly ignore the responsibilities that would befall them, post the job offer. Most of the times, recruiters directly ask whether you know about the roles of the job position. Having a clear mindset about the position will aid you in explaining how you can be an asset to the organization.

Know who the competitors are

Apart from doing all the above, an important understanding that establishes you as a mature and dedicated candidate is the knowledge of the competitors. The Muse suggests taking up this task through Linkedin. Look up the competitors of the company you are interviewing for by visiting their Linkedin company page. Scroll down to the “Other Companies People Viewed” section to find some competitors. Repeat the same things with the competitors you find until you have a pretty good idea about the big players in the field are. When you know the competitors, and see their business, you will be able to frame your answers in a better way. For example, when you are answering on the lines of “I want to work in your company”, the information about competing businesses come quite handy. You can talk about how the organization stands apart, and display your eagerness for working with them.

So, these are some points which, if covered, can aid you in landing your next job. Needless to say, a job search is bound to get difficult. But, with proper guidance and motivation, no task is too difficult and no job is too tough to land.

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